Apt. 200 Coming at You With All the Go-To Osheaga Afterparties

Apartment 200, the simultaneously laid-back and turnt-up club space on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, is delivering the goods this weekend for visitors and locals alike who find themselves in the party mood after some hype Osheaga performances but without knowing quite where to go.

On Friday, August 3rd, XO crew members HAWKXO and HXNNYYXO will be hosting a hype night to get the weekend started on the right foot. Expect some chill beats shooting straight to your ear canals all night courtesy of BLINDD.

Then on Saturday night, you can chase the hair of last night’s dog in the presence of Odd Future’s DJ Taco (AKA Travis Bennett) and MTL “It Girl” Becky Bunz.

Who ever said Sunday had to be a day of total rest? We call it “Sunday Funday” over at Apt. 200, where the club will be capping off the festive weekend with a lit Places+Faces Party featuring the likes of C!ESAY, Lou Phelps and KAZZ.

https://apt200.com/montreal 👌🏽🔥