Jegantic Hospitality Group to launch an Old Montreal homage to 90s-era Brooklyn, with a Thaiwaiian twist

Hospitality and entertainment group, Jegantic, the creative geniuses behind many Montreal hotspots, most recently, Bord’elle, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of their latest venture: The Farsides (690 rue Notre-Dame West, Old Montreal). Coined as a “Thaiwaiian” restaurant and tiki bar, The Farsides, located in the heart of Old Montreal’s Financial District, blends together 90s nostalgia with eastern Thai flavors and the shores of Hawaii. The result? A first-of-its-kind dining experience to make waves in Montreal.

With this venue, Jegantic is bringing a unique twist to Old Montreal dining with their distinctive cuisine, urban concept, and re-imagining of the classic tiki cocktail. Stepping into The Farsides will be like walking into a contemporary take of a Brooklyn alleyway, circa 1992. Complete with brick walls as high as the eye can see, fire escapes, graffiti-laced facades paying homage to 90’s urban pop culture and, believe it or not, their very own basketball court. Add a touch of the exotic with jungle type overgrowth set to the beat of 90’s hip-hop, and your journey is complete.

The delicious, innovative Thai-Hawaiian menu is the brainchild of award-winning Executive Chef Athiraj Phrasavath.

Everything on the menu is a feast for the senses, marrying familiar flavors with elevated function. From dishes such as “Drunken Lobster Pad Thai” with Whole Canadian Lobster, Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, all-natural Thai rice noodles, Farsides yellow curry, pan fried shallots, and roasted garlic, to their “Big Poppa Pineapple Boat”; Thaiwaiian North Shore Shrimp in a jumbo pineapple boat, doused in The Farsides signature Thai sweet fire sauce, served on a bed of big island mac & potato salad with Jasmine scented rice; the restaurant provides an unparalleled dining experience for guests who want to relive the 90s for a night, indulge in some amazing food, or simply discover a new place for a fun evening out.

With their kitchen closing at midnight, clients will be able to come and enjoy some late night eats! The Farsides also offers a signature vegan menu, created by US Master Chef Winner Dino Luciano, featuring dishes such as “Poblano Green Curry”; masterfully seasoned herb crusted cauliflowers skewers and so much more.

The decadent food is perfectly complemented with an incredible program of tiki cocktails, expertly created by famed mixologist Lawrence Picard. Featuring a variety of classic tiki cocktails with a modern twist, patrons will be able to explore new tastes and pairings. All of the cocktails are infused with the team’s passion for hip hop, which is reflected in the drinks’ unique names. Sit back and relax while sipping on a “Bad & Boozy”, an “I’m in Love with the Cocoa”, or even a “Ghostface Tequila” – this is a modern tiki bar like no other!

The creator and owner of The Farsides and Jegantic is none other than John Edward Gumbley, who is also the brainchild behind of 1920s Prohibition-inspired venue Bord’Elle. A true trailblazer, for the past twenty years, John has been a leading figure in Montreal’s nightlife, music, entertainment and hospitality industries. As he explains “The Farsides will introduce a brand-new concept that is unlike anything seen before in Montreal; acting both as a trendsetter for present and future venues, and as a guarantee of an elevated dining and nightlife experience.”

The Farsides is set to become a firm favorite amongst Montrealers and visitors to the city alike, standing out from the crowd on the already incredible nightlife scene that the city offers. In the words of Jegantic,“Montreal, you might not know us, but we know you very well.”