evenko, the company behind world class festivals like OSHEAGAHEAVY MONTREALîLESONIQ and’77 MONTREAL continues to put new measures in place to ensure that their events are not only thoroughly enjoyable for festival goers, but also eco-responsible and friendly to the planet. Since 2017, theOSHEAGA Music & Arts Festival and îLESONIQ have obtained and maintained the level 2 certification of the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ). evenko is proud of that fact, and working to create similar initiatives for all of its major festivals.

“We are committed to ensuring that our green initiatives take center stage when planning our festivals,” says Jacques Aubé, Executif Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of evenko. “We are proud that our eco-responsible efforts have yielded results that have so far surpassed our goals, and we will continue to push in all the right directions to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable experience for all at all of our festivals. We invite all festival goers to join us in our efforts – together, we can make an even bigger difference. It’s a team effort!”

In 2018, evenko’s eco-responsible approach involved putting an end to dispensing plastic straws and reduce plastic bottle waste onsite at all festivals. In fact, this year, thanks to National Bankwho are providing a total of 14 installations for attendees to refill their water supplies for free, OSHEAGAwill double the amount of water stations for festival goers to fill up their own reusable containers. This year also marks the return of the giant National Bank water truck, where approximately 31,500 litres of water will be available for thirsty fans, the equivalent of 57,232 bottles of water. This provides attendees with the option to greatly reduce the use of disposable bottles while encouraging the use of reusable containers – yet another opportunity for everyone to do the right thing.

A new feature for Osheaga Play powered by National Bank will also make reducing plastic waste a fun and educational activity. This year, a new installation will be set up onsite where festival goers can bring their plastic bottles to be ground up for recycling on the spot. This is part of a project to turn plastic into recycled polyester which is then used to make new sustainable t-shirts. For every bottle brought to this installation, users will get points that can be redeemed for various items. All attendees are invited to come check out the installation and learn the specifics of how their bottles will eventually become upcycled t-shirts. Just another way Osheaga is approaching the green initiative with creativity and ingenuity.


  • The level 2 certification of the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) is a certification and a comprehensive analysis of the various measures taken by evenko in the choice of its business partners, its modes of operation, and its waste management. Several positive elements were highlighted in the BNQ report, including:
  • The majority of suppliers come from Montreal and the surroundings;
  • A target of over 85% of the head offices of suppliers located less than 100 km from the festival site;
  • Waste management – a sorting centre installed on the festival site to maximise the effectiveness of recycling and composting;
  • Waste management – a sorting centre installed on the festival site to maximise the effectiveness of recycling and composting – ;
  • Massive reduction of waste production: by 2018, the amount of waste had been reduced by over 13 tonnes in just 2 years;
  • At concession stands all containers, cups and utensils are recyclable, and the use of Styrofoam is forbidden;
  • The return of eco-cups in all bar services;
  • All hazardous materials are handled responsibly by a company specialised in environmental services;
  • evenko promotes ecological transportation such as cycling. Ample bicycle parking is available to festival goers;
  • Bus and metro transportation all weekend long by purchasing the OSHEAGA Special Edition fare For $17,50, valid from 10 a.m. on Friday, August 2 to 5 a.m. on Monday, August 5; STM evenko also encourages public transportation – during OSHEAGA, festival goers can enjoy unlimited
  • The festival encourages the use of reusable water bottles on the site in addition to installing water stations.
evenko’s green initiatives have been met with enthusiasm from festival goers, music lovers, and community leaders, creating a positive feedback loop that translates to a happier and healthier environment. This year, evenko’s mission to create a sustainable series of top-notch state-of-the-art festivals features even more progressive initiatives, including:
  • Prioritizing partners and suppliers who have sustainability plans of their own;
  • A wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options at the YUL EAT Gardens;
  • Major deductions in the use of gas generators
  • More resources to make biking to the festival even easier;
  • The Perrier tent providing 12oz paper cups for customers at their Cocktail Bar, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly;
  • Compost stations in the Artist World area + food redistribution programs so that the world-renowned  food prepared by Chuck Hughes and his team won’t go to waste (all leftovers are donated to a program to feed the needy).
For evenko, eco-responsibility is paramount – it’s a promise to continue taking concrete action, year after year, to reduce the ecological footprint of all events as much as possible; it’s not a matter of choice, it’s a commitment.