You better tighten your pants, goblins and ghouls of Montreal, because you’re about to have them scared right off. From Friday, October 5th to Sunday, November 4th, the Foire de l’horreur, one of Canada’s largest mobile theme parks is rising from the grave to premiere at Centropolis Laval. This is the first time Quebec is hosting the thrilling scare-fest based on the infamous escape rooms, where riddles don’t only come in handy to get ahead in the game… they’re necessary to survive.

For its new and improved 2018 edition, Foire de l’Horreur is pushing boundaries to bring you multi-sensory rooms and labyrinths, where more than 15 characters channel haunting enigmas developed from the latest horror technologies. Five 53-foot trailers will allow for 2 different journeys: Donjon, for the weak of heart, and Psychiatric Asylum, containing 22 interactive rooms that will frighten you to your very core. The two haunting excursions will feature breathtaking décor, including a cemetery to a twilight zone, and promise to spook all four senses: sight, sound, smell and touch. Enter at your own risk.

Vincent Cameron, founder of Foire de l’Horreur, first realized his horrific fantasies through Halloween decorations at his home. His deep-seated passion for scares soon caught the attention of the local media and grew into a must-see yearly attraction in the Sherbrooke area. The mini Horror Fair Cameron built at his house eventually grew into the devilish traveling installations that comprise the Foire de l’Horreur that we know today.

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Foire de l'horeur

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More info and tickets at foiredelhorreur.com.