Igloofest 2019 – Wrapping up an exceptional 2019 season

Winter’s made for partying in the great outdoors, something Igloofest® proved once again this year as nearly 
65,000 unflappable festivalgoers came to dance and celebrate northern living for one of its coldest editions in history. With two sold out events alongside Diplo and Above & Beyond, and magical nights with Polo & Pan, Four Tet, Gramatik and Maceo Plex to name just a few, this 13th edition of Igloofest, which took place from January 17th to February 2nd, was one of the best yet. And with the renewed success of the Off-Igloo day and a newly designed site met with unanimous praise, we can safely say, now more than ever, winter at Igloofest is where it’s at.

Celebrating music and northern living with guests from around the world


The coldest music festival in the world was well deserving of the title this year as it just wrapped up one of its chilliest editions yet. And once again, this celebration of northern living won the hearts of visitors coming from far beyond Quebec’s borders. A quick look around the site revealed Canadians from St-John’s, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, alongside Australians, Brazilians, Chileans, Egyptians, Russians, visitors from China and many more brave, smiling souls, who came along with a few friends or in organized groups like the ones we welcomed from the US, France and Belgium.
Without hesitation, festivalgoers took on the challenge to experience epic moments, like the incredible night of January 19th, the coldest ever at Igloofest with a temperature of -31 degrees with wind chill, where over 4000 people danced the night away to perfectly-selected sets by the UK’s Four Tetand Brooklyn’s Volvox.
Enthusiasm for this 13th edition was sky high as, for the first time ever, Igloofest started off with two nights already sold out a week before opening, with over 10,000 dancers per night ready to party to the sounds of Diplo (US) and Above & Beyond (UK). In total, 52 artists and groups came to share the best of today’s local and global electronic music. Enraptured by the new immersive stage design at the Sapporo and Videotron stages and in perfect harmony with the artists and crowds, each festivalgoer will treasure their own special memories, but all will agree that this edition’s programming was one of the best ever.

Unanimous praise for the Off-Igloo day and redesigned Igloofest site


Nearly 3300 people of all ages joined the second edition of the Off-Igloo day, a special free event for families and future festivalgoers who want to discover the magic of Igloofest. By opening the site and even the backstage areas during daytime, Igloofest invited one and all to explore, play, and above all: dance.
The renewed success of this popular event also reflected overall praise for the newly reconfigured site, redesigned to deliver even more fun, whether during these more “intimate” moments or during crazy nights with over 10,000 attendees celebrating at Jacques-Cartier Pier. The site’s layout has never been more fluid, from the “no-wait” entry during even the busiest nights, to the two stages and the festive Igloovillage, which was always full of life. Big kids gathered around campfires to roast marshmallows gracefully offered by Videotron, dried their tuques, scarves and mittens at National Bank’s Laundry Station, took on V’s Volley Pong and Sapporo Hero, grabbed a bite at the snack bar, and tackled the dizzying Iglooslide, among other fun activities specially designed for Igloofest.
Igloofest’s success as a can’t-miss winter event in Quebec and as a beacon of Montreal culture globally is all thanks to the unique experience that all festivalgoers share, from the musical programming to the fun-filled site and the singular vibe.
Finally, Igloofest would like to thank the thousands of hearty festivalgoers who braved the cold, as well as its incredible team. They all contributed to the magic of this superb edition in their own special way.
Enjoy the beautiful winter days, they’re already getting longer, and get ready for our next get-together, March 23rd in Charlevoix for Igloofest at Le Massif!

photo: Ulysse Lemerise