SXM Festival Completes Lineup for March 11-15 Event on Caribbean Island of Saint Martin

Today, SXM Festival has announced its phase three lineup, completing the underground sound tracking for the event’s fourth expedition on the paradisaical island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. Adorned with some of the scene’s most recognized stars and rising taste makers alike, these masters of their craft will guide attendees through five days of sonic exploration and cultural immersion, March 11-15.

SXM Festival’s phase three turns its sights on scene innovators from around the world, representing the communities that make up the the event’s wide reaching attendee-core. Burning Man mainstay turned avant-garde talent Tara Brooks makes her return to the festival, New York’s Stranger Than captain Tal Ohana will bring along his deep shades of techno, plus fans can expect a journey through the deep from Canadian legend Nitin.

For the 2020 edition, the event will continue to build upon its deep connection with the cultural and ecological fabric of the beautiful host locale of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. Spawned in 2019 to help encourage the prosperity and health of the island, SXM Festival created a partnership with SXM Doet, the largest volunteer initiative in Saint Martin/Sint Maarten and the Dutch Kingdom. Attendees are encouraged to take a break from the party and meet the locals and other travelers, while offering their service to the island at specific, sponsored projects. On March 13+14, guests are encouraged to join the SXM Art Deco team and a number of artists including Amine K and Maga in two key charitable action projects. Register to build a playground at Ideal Preschool or assemble an eco-friendly, recycled playground at Green Learning Academy. There is an angle for everyone to get involved and ensure that the people of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten can enjoy their home as much as festival-goers do.

The festival has also partnered with longtime SXM artist Blond:ish, Toronto’s Summerdaze, and global dance music sustainability project ByeByePlastic to host a cleanup of the iconic Sandy Ground Beach. This continues SXM’s anti-single use plastic ethos and overall commitment to the protection of the island’s sensitive ecosystem. More info on the beach cleanup here.

With global impact in mind, SXM Festival has forged strategic partnerships with leaders in sustainability, focused on offsetting the carbon released by air-travel to the island. All SXMF-goers will be encouraged to calculate the emissions released via their journey and offset by donating to Climate Futures’ Peace Boat Project.

SXM Festival is committed to a net-zero emissions strategy that is measurable and permanent. Through their new partnership with Climeworks, the world’s first commercial direct air capture company, guests can now capture carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into stone in their name. Become a Climeworks SXM Festival Pioneer with a one-time contribution or subscription. Those who maintain their subscriptions will have lifetime access to super early bird rates to any SXM Festival event as of April 2020.

Additionally, SXM Festival has partnered with Ungalli Clothing Co. to deliver sustainable merch that is ethically sourced from Canada out of recycled and organic materials. Produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages, pre-orders are available until February 28.

In just one month, SXM Festival will open its gates to the global party elite with the shared purpose of celebrating our diverse scene as well as the rich culture and natural beauty of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten.

SXM Festival Phase Three Lineup:

Alex & Maui
Alya V
Carerra & Tavares
Chuck Woodward
Caroline Fraser
Derick Frey
DJ Franckn
DJ Leo
DJ Master G.
DJ Ming AKA Mr Garcia
DJ Pat.
Guillaume Michaud
Head Nodders
Heimat (Live)
Inessa Raum
Jason Miron
Jimmy Be
Kike Mayor
Lar Gibbons
Magician on Duty
Mister T
Mitch Oliver
Moody Jones
Paul Matta
Phil & Derek (Cercle)
Raphael Scemama
Revah Brothers
Swann Decamme
Tal Ohana
Tara Brooks
The Mekanism
The Neighbors
The Wallet Brothers
Wild Dark

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