Your Guide to Labour Day Weekend Nightlife

Let’s face the facts. We’ve finally arrived at Labour Day Weekend, which marks our one last “hoorah” before entering into the season known as Fall, which begins our slow descent into cold weather. But let’s not dwell on that. It’s still the summer, and what better way to look back on all the memories we made and fun times we had than by capping off the season in style? Blowing off steam during this finale weekend is the best way to prepare ourselves for getting back into routine come September, so we’ve put together a brief guide of parties and events occurring this weekend so you can make the most of it.


Renowned for its wildly glamorous parties each and every weekend, from Les Samedis Beat the Clock to its esteemed Industry Sundays, CLUB MUZIQUE is the most popular nightclub in the city, and it wants to spend this upcoming long weekend proving just why that is the case. On Friday night, Stef Agostino will be in the house to make for a fun-filled Friday night. Saturday will be the night of local goddess Fafa Khan, and Sunday night will be well-worth celebrating with their “Last Days of Summer” Industry Sunday event—especially because you don’t have to wake up for work in the morning.


Blvd44 is another place to be this weekend. They’ll have you going hard for 4 nights in a row, starting on Friday with the slick sounds of DJ Nasir Shah, trailed by DJ Deleon bringing the noise for Saturday & Chill: the coolest way to kick back into September. Sunday will be bumping, with special guest DJ Mohtorious spinning and winning, and by Monday, DJ Danny Aldana will make sure you have no tears left to cry over August’s departure.

Le Confesionnal

Hey now. Sunday won’t be anything close to a day of rest on September 2nd at Le Confessional, where the small but mighty nightclub will turn all the way up for Labour Day Weekend. Go drink the night away at this hype destination located on McGill Street in the heart of Montreal.

Jet Nightclub

Can you believe it? Has The Final Beach Party of the Summer come so quickly? Yes, it has—but with this Labour Day weekend version of their weekly Friday party, Jet Nightclub is bringing you DJ Keith Dean and J-Fro to serve up the summer’s hottest hits in the midst of a fully decorated space with all staff done-up in beach attire. Don’t forget the VIP treatment for ladies before midnight!

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